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Many Energy-Efficient Options Available

Here at Smart Glass, we offer a wide range of replacement window and door options to choose from. All our products come at unbeatable prices, and we offer full-service planning and installation throughout the Seattle area.

If you are interested in vinyl or aluminum-frame windows, we offer a wide variety of styles for both residential and commercial purposes.

Wood vs. Vinyl Retrofit Windows

Most windows of yesteryear were made of wood. These windows required a great deal of maintenance to keep them looking good and functioning properly.

Today’s vinyl windows are much more energy-efficient and virtually maintenance-free. Gone are the days of warped wood, hard-to-slide glass doors, and annual painting. Vinyl windows require no painting and they do not warp or crack like their wood counterparts.

Here at Smart Glass, our vinyl-hinge windows offer you years of durable, energy-efficient, maintenance-free style and beauty.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Single Hung Window
The most popular window we offer, our vinyl single hung window, slide vertically for ventilation. The top sash remains fixed while the bottom sash is removable for maintenance and cleaning. This window comes in dual-glaze and specialty glass options.


horizontal sliding windowvinyl windowsHorizontal Sliding Windows
Just as the name suggests, our horizontal sliding window opens horizontally rather than vertically like the single hung window. This window features adjustable tandem rollers for smooth opening and closing for many years.

Picture and Acrylic Block Windows
When ventilation isn’t a concern, our picture window makes a great natural lighting source that lends a unique style to your home’s curb appeal. For privacy or security, an acrylic block option is available.

picture window

Full, Half, and Quarter Windows
For plenty of natural light without ventilation, our fixed full, half, and quarter windows are a perfect choice. These windows are available in a variety of geometric shapes.

Quarter Windows

Casement/Awning Windows
If you’re looking to add a touch of personality to your home, our casement and awning windows are a great fit. Casement windows open on the side, while awning windows open along the horizontal sill to provide ventilation.

garden vinyl windows

Bow and Bay Windows
For large rooms, bay and bow windows add character and class. These windows make an impressive display.

Vinyl Garden window

Garden Windows
Garden enthusiasts in the Seattle area can rejoice as our garden windows add warmth and charm to any home. Ideal for the kitchen area, the garden window enables plants, flowers, and herbs of all kinds to thrive in the perfect amount of sunlight as permitted by a solar chamber.

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