Patio & French Doors

Patio and French doors are not only functional, but they also enhance the overall beauty and ambiance of a room. Constructed using large glass panels, these oversized doors bring the natural beauty of the outdoors and the interior of a home together. French and patio doors come in a variety of styles including sliding panel and folding panel designs. They are made using a variety of materials with wood, PVC, and aluminum being the most popular. These materials come in virtually any pattern or color to coordinate perfectly with your home’s décor.

French Doors and Patio Doors Transform the Look and Feel of Your Home

The most impressive aspect of patio and French doors is how they transform the look and feel of any room they are installed in. Bringing the natural beauty of the outdoors together with the warmth and character of interior design, these doors are often used to connect bedrooms to balconies and kitchens to patio areas. Patio and French doors are extremely versatile design elements that brighten and beautify any room, and it’s this versatility that makes them a good choice for multiple rooms in the home.

Patio Doors and French Doors Add Value to Your Home

Aside from being functional and beautiful, French doors and patio doors add value to your home. Regardless of whether you plan to sell your home or not, installing these large glass panel doors raises the overall value of your home. If you do plan to sell in the near future, the addition of French doors may be the deciding factor that seals the deal for a potential buyer.

Patio and French Door Advantages

Patio and French doors can be used in many different areas of a home, but the most popular installation is to connect an indoor living space to an outdoor patio. These large doors create a continuous flow from inside to the outside, allowing people to enjoy the outdoor beauty and natural lighting from inside the home.

French doors are ideal in rooms meant to impress as well as in everyday living spaces. Also, rooms that tend to be dark because of a lack of windows will come to life with the installation of French or patio doors.

Gliding Patio Doors Save Space While Enhancing the Beauty of Any Room

Patio doors glide horizontally, which saves space in your home. With no doors to open into the room or onto the patio, you’re free to place furniture in front of the door and to use all of the space your patio has to offer.

Patio doors are designed with one functioning glass panel and one stationary glass panel, so they fit into tighter spaces than their hinged counterparts. Patio doors come in a variety of sizes and styles, so there’s an option just right for your home’s décor and your needs.

French Doors are Available in Standard and Custom Sizes

In general, French doors come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. These oversized doors come in single, double, and 4-panel sizes to fit most applications. They are also available in custom-built sizes as necessary for your particular needs.

One of the most impressive features of French doors is the wood holding the glass panels in place. Made from quality wood protected by aluminum or vinyl, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and or wood-grain designs to compliment your home’s interior/exterior décor.

If you are looking to brighten and beautify a room, French and patio doors are a great option. Made to connect the indoor of your home to any outdoor space, these doors are durable while enhancing the aesthetics of your home. Both French and patio doors come in a variety of styles in both standard and customizable sizes to meet your needs.

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